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Příspěvek etabak.com
Slušný český e-shop, sice nemají velký výběr..

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19 dub 2011, 14:27
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Nahovno,berou jen objednávky 500kč + :(

08 pro 2011, 19:46
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Příspěvek Re: etabak.com
No jo, ale aspoň je český..

08 pro 2011, 21:10
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The tall wax candles showing a sufficient light to note it well.
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The Professor smiled, and looked quite jubilant.
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Then I waited for a dark night without any moon.
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I thought it was a Jagular and another Jagular.
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Dont worry about losing your grip and falling to smash your ankles at the bottom of the shaft.
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All right, Mr Know-all, she said angrily.
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And he hurried off to see Pooh.
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