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Maju tu nějaké fajn snuffy a budu je asi od tud kupovat.

30 bře 2012, 10:53
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dost dobre ceny,bohuzel objednavku muzes uzavrit tusim az od 500kc :( proto jsem se na nakup tam vykaslal..

30 bře 2012, 22:14
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Not altogether a fool, said G.
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No, no, not that, for Gods sake!
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Are they not a wonderful team?
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The wind was rushing hurriedly behind the tapestries, and I wished to show her (what, let me confess it, I could not all believe) that those almost inarticulate breathings, and those very gentle variations of the figures upon the wall, were but the natural effects of that customary rushing of the wind.
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Who has suffered defeats while victory was going to all other departments of the State?
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It then indicated an altitude on my part of 132,000 feet, or five-and-twenty miles, and I consequently surveyed at that time an extent of the earths area amounting to no less than the three hundred-and-twentieth part of its entire superficies.
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Its up to you to see that you do come up to her expectations.
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Sit up in your chair and pay attention.
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