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 Škodí šňupací tabák? 
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 Škodí šňupací tabák?
Tato otázka koluje po celém internetu, a výsledek je takový:

Z malé části ano, dráždí a mírně poškozuje nosní sliznici.
Ovšem v tak malém množství, že se nic neděje..

Ale pokud šňupete 10gramu za den, je malá šance na rakovinu sliznice
(10 gramů jsou 2 krabičky ozony, to dobrovolně nikdo nevyšňupe).

Takže i když budete šňupat půl krabičky nebo celou, nehrozí nic. :)

20 dub 2011, 17:07
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17 říj 2015, 14:39
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17 říj 2015, 14:39
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The bit of fluff he had trapped in the clasp was still there.
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Arthur was next to me, and if I had not seized his arm and held him up, he would have fallen.
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Have near at hand, and please it so arrange that we may see the young lady not too late on tomorrow, for it is likely that I may have to return here that night.
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The other two were Exeter, and Whitby on the Yorkshire coast.
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The numerous deep gorges presented the appearance of lakes, on account of the dense vapors with which they were filled, and the pinnacles and crags to the South East, piled in inextricable confusion, resembling nothing so much as the giant cities of eastern fable.
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It was just the same, I said.
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