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 camo face paint patterns 
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You Texans are lousy with money.
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I want a clean cup, interrupted the Hatter: lets all move one place on.
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We like her, said Bond amiably, but she wants to take a studio portrait.
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In the meantime the breeze that had headed us off fell away and we were dead becalmed, drifting about in every direction.
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Surround yourself with human beings, my dear James.
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Then he picked up the cane carpet?
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Inch by inch-line by line-with a descent only appreciable at intervals that seemed ages-down and still down it came!
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As he pressed the self-starter and the twin exhausts of the Bentley woke to their fluttering growl, a curious bastard quotation slipped from nowhere into Bonds mind.
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There was a crash as the chair splintered under the fat man, and a rasping noise, and then a drumming on the floor.
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The opiate worked itself off towards dusk, and she waked naturally.
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