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 python nested list comprehension 
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Příspěvek python nested list comprehension
The balloon (for such no doubt it was) had now descended to within a hundred feet of the earth, allowing the crowd below a sufficiently distinct view of the person of its occupant.
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It had always been one of Bonds favourites.
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Let me see to your comfort myself.
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The door to the west wing was in its gable, and quite simple-a single window looked out to the south.
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I am glad we made our resolution in time, as with such a feeling as this, our growing knowledge would be torture to her.
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I went to the window and looked out, but could see nothing, except a big bat, which had evidently been buffeting its wings against the window.
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He got to his bed and pulled himself on to it.
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Again your pardon, and forgive me.
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I shall try to follow the Professors example, and think without prejudice on the facts before me.
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