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 Jaxons Toffe snuff 
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- tento tabak z karamelovou príchuťou je jeden z najlepších v Anglicku , pri šňupaní je silný ale je to jediný tabak ktorý poznám , ktorý vôbec nejde do hrdla , v nose zostáva veľmi sladká príjemná chuť. Určite odporúčam.
EDIT: co som zistil tak sa to vyrába v UK tradičnou cestou v jednom bare , a ešte dodám ze sila sa vyrovná aj tým z Indie

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Příspěvek Re: Jaxons Toffe snuff
nevíš kde by se dal sehnat? objednat?

23 čer 2011, 17:25
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Příspěvek Re: Jaxons Toffe snuff
viewtopic.php?f=13&t=38 , aspon ja som to stamad objednal za 5 dni som to mal

24 čer 2011, 21:50
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If you dont like my peaches, why do you shake my tree?
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17 říj 2015, 22:25
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I have read your last two letters.
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Major Boothroyd put on the experts voice.
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Now, he rang a bell on his desk.
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I entered into a series of elaborate precautions.
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They didnt look very exciting, but I sent one or two to Miami and the man wrote back at once and said he could take as many as I could get at five dollars each for the whole ones.
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