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 poschl Alpina snuff 
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druhý najlepší čo mám , obsahuje pepermint , mentol a bylinky , nieje taký silný ale necháva v nose príjemnú chuť pepermintu.

25 čer 2011, 11:50
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He would bend all his ingenuity to the matter on hand.
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For none of us can tell what, or when, or how, the end may be.
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A mutter went round the hall.
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Since I saw you I have had great cause for anxiety.
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Bond pulled his knees up to his chin and put his arms round them.
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Much better, said Pooh and Piglet together.
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Then down thundered the ragged charging line towards the grandstand and past and away in a scud of hooves and flying eardi and tanbark.
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Upon the broad black marble flagstones at the entrance of the palace, and a few steps above the water, stood a figure which none who then saw can have ever since forgotten.
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I did not mean to speak offensively.
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