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Jeden z nejlepších šňupáků vůbec,německej typ,silná mentolová chuť podkreslená ještě něčím co mi není známo,možná ty olejíčky z kolumbie :D .. je hodně vlhký,dá se šňupat furt,středně silný..

08 pro 2011, 19:33
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The ultimate life is the full design.
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We shall be on the lookout for you, and shall let you in.
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Simultaneously he hurled himself on the floor and his hand flashed to his waistband.
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I remembered the old custom of burying suicides at cross roads: Ah!
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And mind youve got the hang of the other two guns by the time I see you again.
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I hold over telegram to Holmwood till have seen you.
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And were going to discover a Pole or something.
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There are two of us and Im Nurse Gibson.
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