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Jeden z nejsilnějších šňupáků vůbec,anglický,hodně jemně namletý.. Kupoval jsem 5g krabičku za 25kč,pro mě nejlepší snuff,jemná mentolová příchuť,která se nikam nedere.. oproti ozonám a gawith apricote jde dobře poznat,že už jde o tabák :-) V plechové krabičce,která se musí opatrně otevírat. Doporučuju :)
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10 pro 2011, 01:22
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The hand still rested on the knife.
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If it had, we should not now be having to bother with him.
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Was it indeed a house of death to which I had come, too late?
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They were a four and a five - an unbeatable nine.
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I saw at once that I was on the right track.
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The thinking, feeling apparatus of Bond was no longer part of his body.
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We all moved out to the hall with one impulse, and Van Helsing, holding up his hand to us to keep silence, stepped to the door and opened it.
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