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 Snuffer - Šňupátka 
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Super na šňupání ale jeden problém tady je, Stoji 175 Kč zks..
Není v tom moc velký rozdíl oproti skleněnce , je akorát z plastu nebo železa s různou barvou..
Skleněnka stojí 6 Kč takže prodejci asi hráblo, ovšem máte li zájem tak si ho kupte http://www.etabak.com/katalog/snupaci-tabaky/snuffer-metal


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Nothing is more vague than impressions of individual identity.
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And the numerous temples, sumptuous and magnificent, may bear comparison with the most lauded of antiquity.
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He was excited and his eyes glittered.
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I shall try to follow the Professors example, and think without prejudice on the facts before me.
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